Bring on the kids!

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I love kids in weddings! Little boys dressed up in grown up suits and little girls in dresses that are so cute. 

One little guy was dressed in a top hat – he fell asleep just before his big debut down the aisle so Dad carried him down.  Wedding guests love these “blips” in the program!

My motto is – and you will hear me say it at rehearsal – guests love it when kids perform their roles perfectly – but they love it more when they don’t!  So you can never go wrong with little people in your wedding party.

One lovely bride had her two little girls walking down the aisle with her, when the littlest one decided it was all too much and insisted that Mom pick her up. I performed that ceremony for three people – Mom, Dad and the one little angel that would not be set down! There was something incredibly sweet about the whole thing. Tiny little guys in tiny little suits being enticed down the aisle by a favorite teddy bear in the groom’s hand or little girls who are suppose to delicately toss petals but instead throw them in clumps beside their feet – wedding guests love it all! I love it all!